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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

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Next Silent Stand Friday 20 August from wherever you are

Friday 20th August is the time for our next silent stand. A stand against torture in Egypt and against the 30 years running emergency law. We call on all our international supporters to join us by standing silent in their home or in any public place in their town. Please send us photos of you [...]

Fares Barakat was thrown out of a balcony by Egypt’s savage national security forces “Amn Al Dawla”

Fares Barakat is a simple Egyptian who went to a friend’s party to celebrate his friend’s newly born baby (Aqeeqa gathering). Fares’s friend is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group and the savage national security forces (a special police force) decided to pay his friend a visit to his house during this party. Fares asked for a search [...]

Egypt: Striking a Blow Against Impunity?

Amnesty International writing about Human rights oppression and impunity in Egypt: The article focuses on Khaled Said’s brutal killing and how the two officers who killed Khaled are NOT charged with murder, they are only charged with “using force during arrest” and “illegal arrest”! Impunity is one of the great building blocks of the state [...]

Fourth Silent Stand will be on 23rd July – The anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution 1952

The Fourth Silent Stand will be held in Egypt, with focus on Alexandria and attended worldwide on Friday the 23rd July. 23 July is the anniversary of the non-violent Egyptian white Revolution that took place in 1952 when the Egyptian army toppled the King of Egypt without a single drop of blood spilt. Many Egyptians [...]

3rd Silent Stand Friday 9 July 2010

After the success of the two previous ones, a 3rd silent stand will be held across all Egyptian cities and towns covering all 26 governorates on Friday 9th July 6:30 pm Cairo local time. It will be a silent stand in protest of Khalid’s killing, the authorities refusal to arrest and try the attackers and [...]

Standing Up For Khalid Said

We must all stand up for Khaled Said and every single Egyptian who was or will be attacked. We must unite to stop the violence. Only this way we will force everyone to respect us. After a day of protests in Alexandria Egypt, sparked by anger and sadness about the recent killing of Khalid Said, [...]

Flash Mob in Egypt: Protesters find a way around Emergency Law

A Flash Mob was organized in Egypt last week by the Facebook fan page, We are Khalid Said. The page was formed in memory of Khaled Said who was brutally tortured and killed by Alexandria police on June 6th. According to AP, he was killed “after he posted a video on the Internet of officers [...]