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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

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Demands for Egyptians Friday 9 September 2011 protest

The demands for Friday 9 September protest are: * Permanent End of military trials of civilians * A clear timeline with exact dates of when the military council will hand over power to an ELECTED CIVIL authority (the initially promised 6 months have now finished). * Cancelling the new law issued by military council that [...]

Video from in front of Khaled Said’s home during the last silent stand on 20 August (10 Ramadhan)

Egyptians are standing up for their rights. Brave Egyptians both men and women are standing up to gain their rights, to stop torture in Egypt and end the 30 years running emergency law that gave impunity to Egyptian Police officers who commit torture crimes. Systematic Egyptian Police brutality will have to end soon.

The Silent Stand has started in Egypt in more than 9 different cities

The silent stand has started in Egypt. Please join us and send us your photos. email your photos to: alshaheeed@gmail.com or upload on the fan page. We will update you soon on the silent stand in Alexandria and Cairo.

Egyptian Police beating up a peaceful protester – Egypt’s emergency law in action

 This image is not from Palestine. This image is from Egypt. What on earth can anyone do to deserve this treatment? Even if he was a serial killer he doesn’t deserve that treatment let alone a law abiding citizen participating in a peaceful demonstration like in this case.