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Al Nadeem center: Opinion of two international autopsy and forensic science experts say that the autopsy reports of Khaled Said’s body which was produced by the Egyptian government’s autopsy agency: Did NOT comply with the minimum international standards for forensic autopsies

This is an international scandal for those who participated in covering up Khaled Said’s murder: Assessment issued by Duarte Nuno Vieira, Chief Forensic Pathologist, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Head of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Portugal (see attached CV) and Jørgen L.Thomsen, ChiefForensic Pathologist, Professor of Forensic Medicine, Head of [...]

Khaled Said (forensic) Autopsy reports

We have decided to publish the Egyptian government official autopsy reports (in Arabic) and their translation. These reports show the change of tone from the first report, to the second preliminary report and then to the full second report. No indication of any injuries to Khaled in the first report, followed by stronger indication that [...]