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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

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Video from in front of Khaled Said’s home during the last silent stand on 20 August (10 Ramadhan)

Egyptians are standing up for their rights. Brave Egyptians both men and women are standing up to gain their rights, to stop torture in Egypt and end the 30 years running emergency law that gave impunity to Egyptian Police officers who commit torture crimes. Systematic Egyptian Police brutality will have to end soon.

Breaking News: Egyptian police attack silent stand participants who gathered at Khaled Said street.

Breaking news: Another scandal! Egyptian Police attack silent stand participants who went to Khaled Said’s street. Hundreds of participants are being cornered and beaten up by the Egyptian police now in the small street were Khaled Said lived. Police attacked and injured participants in the fifth silent stand on 20 August (10 Ramadan) who gathered [...]

Fares Barakat was thrown out of a balcony by Egypt’s savage national security forces “Amn Al Dawla”

Fares Barakat is a simple Egyptian who went to a friend’s party to celebrate his friend’s newly born baby (Aqeeqa gathering). Fares’s friend is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group and the savage national security forces (a special police force) decided to pay his friend a visit to his house during this party. Fares asked for a search [...]

Khaled Said murder witness accounts (Arabic Videos)

Khaled Said Murder (torture to death) Eye Witness Accounts: