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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

After our earlier video of the Egyptian police vehicle trying to run over Egyptian voters, another video has now surfaced showing the Egyptian police firing at voters in the 2005 elections

After the video we posted earlier of the Egyptian police armored vehicle trying to run over Egyptian voters, another video has now surfaced showing the Egyptian police firing at voters in the 2005 elections. The video was captured during the siege of Damietta city in Egypt during the 2005 election. This is not a war zo…ne, this is just an Egyptian city during the 2005 elections in which Egyptian police fired at voters to stop them from approaching voting stations. 4 Egyptian voters were confirmed dead on the Election Day. Please watch this video and think: isn’t it time for an end of Emergency law in Egypt? Isn’t it time Egyptian police brutality comes to an end?

Video of Egyptian Police vehicle attacking and trying to run over voters in the 2005 elections in Egypt – A must watch video.

From the CNN website:  This a must watch video. 

This video sums up our struggle and what we Egyptians face on daily basis. We urge the world media to broadcast this video to expose Police brutality in Egypt. Can you help us reach out and get this video to the world media organizations please? The Egyptian police is using an armed police vehicle chasing Egyptians walking in the street behind a voting station. They try to run over some of them to scare them and stop them from voting. Some plain clothes policemen then come down of the armored vehicle with machetes, knives and sticks chasing people down the road while in the background there is a large police line and cordon that is preventing people from reaching to the voting station. This video sums up our struggle and what we Egyptians face on daily basis.

Must watch video: Egyptian Police Armoured vehicle chasing Egyptian voters in the street

The video is also on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g59_BzmbLn4

Source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-480046

Policeman convicted by courts of torture and sexual torture of innocent victim has been re-instated as a Policeman the day after coming out of jail!

Policeman convicted by courts of torture and sexual torture of innocent victim and who was jailed for 3 years has been re-instated as a Policeman the day after coming out of jail!

Nabih is a policeman who was convicted and jailed for 3 years for torturing and sexual torture of an innocent citizen. The day after spending his jail term, the minister of internal affairs, has re-instated the policeman back and he kept his rank and position as if nothing has happened.

This outrageous act was a clear sign from the ministry of internal affairs that Policemen convicted of torture still has a place in the Police authority and that torture does not have any consequences to their career!

Source (Arabic) and Image of Policeman: http://www.youm7.com/News.asp?NewsID=181978&SecID=97&IssueID=62

Article in Washington Post: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the new tools of protest in the Arab world

Washington Post: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the new tools of protest in the Arab world 

Khaled Said is not the first Egyptian whom police allegedly beat to death. But his death has sparked a virtual revolution that is affecting Egypt’s tightly controlled society. 

Said, a 28-year-old Egyptian businessman, was brutally beaten, his family and activists say, by two plainclothes police officers on June 6. An Interior Ministry autopsy claimed that Said suffocated after swallowing a bag of drugs he tried to hide from police. But a photograph of a shattered body that his family confirmed was his started circulating online. Teeth missing, lip torn, jaw broken and blood pouring from his head: It was difficult to square such trauma with suffocation. His family said he was targeted after he posted a video online allegedly showing police sharing profits of a drug bust. 

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Fares Barakat was thrown out of a balcony by Egypt’s savage national security forces “Amn Al Dawla”

Fares Barakat is a simple Egyptian who went to a friend’s party to celebrate his friend’s newly born baby (Aqeeqa gathering). Fares’s friend is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group and the savage national security forces (a special police force) decided to pay his friend a visit to his house during this party. Fares asked for a search warrant from the police officer, the response he got was that police officers literally threw him from the fourth floor balcony of the building!

At the hospital, Fares was taken to the intensive care unit as he was in a critical condition. The police force then decided to handcuff Fares to his intensive care unit bed! Few hours later, another police force came and forced all doctors and Fares’s family out of the ICU. About an hour later, the police force went out with documents signed by Fares admitting committing a few crimes! When Fares’s lawyers went through the documents they found clear proofs of forgery and fabrication in the documents and the content.

Just another story of another victim in Egypt.

Source (Arabic): http://www.alnadeem.org/ar/node/109

Video: Too Scared to Say it loudly with English Subtitles

A must watch!   Too Scared to say it loudly video with English subtitles.

After spending considerable time, I have finally managed to get this video/song translated to English and translation added as caption and subtitles to the video. Please spread it everywhere and post to friends.

One message in many languages campaign: paragraph explaining our cause in every language in the world.

One message in many languages campaign

Members of the English Facebook page (We are all Khaled Said) have started a new ambitious campaign. We have written one paragraph in English that summarizes and explains our just and peaceful cause and our aims and objectives. We are now translating it to every language in the world we can translate to using our great energetic international supporters worldwide. We have already got few languages but we are looking forward for more and more languages so that we can deliver our message to all people of all languages on Earth.

Please visit the dedicated Facebook note page for this campaign: http://bit.ly/cwfWMC , add your language translation, suggest a translation correction/improvement or simply like/comment to show your support.

We have 2 simple objectives and aims: End torture in Egypt and End the 30 years running emergency law in Egypt that provides impunity and protection for Egyptian Policemen committing acts of torture and ill-treatment against Egyptian civilians.

Striking video showing Egyptian Policeman attacking demonstrators with a large Wooden bat

This striking video shows an Egyptian Police officer hitting peaceful demonstrators so fiercely with a big wooden stick as if they are solid objects not human beings. The officer did that in front of tens of people, but he was never questioned (let alone tried in court) about his brutal physical offence. One of the demonstrators though, was jailed for 3 months guilty of hitting 13 (yes: 13) policemen!?!? Superman is back.

Egypt: Striking a Blow Against Impunity?

Amnesty International writing about Human rights oppression and impunity in Egypt: The article focuses on Khaled Said’s brutal killing and how the two officers who killed Khaled are NOT charged with murder, they are only charged with “using force during arrest” and “illegal arrest”!

Impunity is one of the great building blocks of the state of oppression in Egypt.  Without government and security officials believing that their actions are beyond the reach of the law, torture might disappear, administrative detention would desist and trials might become fair.

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Al Nadeem center: Opinion of two international autopsy and forensic science experts say that the autopsy reports of Khaled Said’s body which was produced by the Egyptian government’s autopsy agency: Did NOT comply with the minimum international standards for forensic autopsies

This is an international scandal for those who participated in covering up Khaled Said’s murder:

Assessment issued by Duarte Nuno Vieira, Chief Forensic Pathologist, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Head of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Portugal (see attached CV) and Jørgen L.Thomsen, ChiefForensic Pathologist, Professor of Forensic Medicine, Head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Odense (see attached CV), concerning the forensic reports dated 10th June 2010 and 27th June 2010, following the autopsies performed on Khaled Mohamed Said Sobhi on 7th and 16th June, 2010.

The opinion expressed is based upon the forensic reports indicated above (an English version was provided) and upon a set of seven photographs, of which two show Khaled Mohamed Said Sobhi alive (Photos 1 and 2 attached), 3 in the morgue from the first autopsy (Photos 3, 4 and 5 attached) and two from the second autopsy (Photos 6 and 7 attached).


1) The report of the first autopsy, performed on 7th June 2010, reveals that it did not comply with the minimum international standards for forensic autopsies and that there were numerous significant deficiencies. For example, the description of the macroscopic anatomopathological findings observed is manifestly inadequate: basic data such as the weight and individual characteristics of the various organs are not given; there was no histological study (always essential) or complementary imaging tests (which would have been very relevant in this case to prove the absence of lesions), and the dissection technique used (as shown in the description of the opening incisions provided in the second autopsy) was inadequate for the situation (for example, the neck should never have been dissected using a single mentopubic incision), etc.

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Egyptian Police beating up a peaceful protester – Egypt’s emergency law in action

 This image is not from Palestine. This image is from Egypt. What on earth can anyone do to deserve this treatment? Even if he was a serial killer he doesn’t deserve that treatment let alone a law abiding citizen participating in a peaceful demonstration like in this case.


Egyptian Police attacked and brutally beaten up Menoufia University students

Egyptian Police attacked and brutally beaten up Menoufia University students (both male and female) after the University Islamic society organised an Art party which the Egyptian Police did not want to take place.

Many students were beaten and injured and 11 students were brutally arrested and later on tortured in the P…olice station. This has taken place on the 24th April 2010.

The police has once again used thugs and criminal gangsters to help them attack the Egyptian public. What other police force in the world uses criminals in their attacks rather than arrest those criminals themselves? This has become a norm and quite common to take place in Egypt these days.

Photo album is on our English Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=12682&id=133634216675571

New English Facebook page for our English language campaign

To provide a way for our International friends to support us and interact with us we have decided to start a new facebook page in English “We are all Khaled Said”. The new page aims at providing means of social interaction between us and our campaign supporters.

Please support us by joining our page on facebook (Like): http://www.facebook.com/elshaheeed.co.uk

The world support and international activists’ pressure ended the apartheid system. We hope that your support will end injustice, torture and police brutality in Egypt

Your support does make a difference.

Press Release: “We are all Khaled Said” facebook page calls for a silent stand in solidarity with torture victims in Egypt

PRESS RELEASE: The “We are all Khaled Said” Facebook group calls for a Silent Stand on Friday the 23rd July on the anniversary of the July 1952 revolution in solidarity with all torture victims in Egypt.
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New video showing how Khaled’s story started and how it is developing

New video from the “My name is Khaled Said” facebook page (Arabic) showing how Khaled’s story started and how it is developing: