Our team members have received death threats and torture threats from people saying they are members of the Egyptian Police forces. We believe there are many good Policemen in Egypt but we believe that if those good ones do not stop the torture and inhuman treatment by the others, the situation will only get worse.

We are not calling for anything against the law or anything that breaks any law of any country in the world! We are Egyptian individuals from various different backgrounds working together for one cause: Ending the systematic torture in Egypt.

We know that if our identities were revealed to the Egyptian Police we will be tortured and we will see even more than what Khaled Said has seen before his death. Despite that, we will continue to work for our peaceful just cause. We will not stop until torture in Egypt becomes history and all Egyptian citizens will be treated with dignity and decency in their own country.

Stop torture of political opponents now. Stop torture of innocent citizens now. End the emergency (martial) law now. It has been running for 30 years and it allows Policemen to act with complete immunity for anything they do.

We appreciate your support.