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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

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Video of Egyptian Police vehicle attacking and trying to run over voters in the 2005 elections in Egypt – A must watch video.

From the CNN website:  This a must watch video.  This video sums up our struggle and what we Egyptians face on daily basis. We urge the world media to broadcast this video to expose Police brutality in Egypt. Can you help us reach out and get this video to the world media organizations please? The [...]

Video: Too Scared to Say it loudly with English Subtitles

A must watch!   Too Scared to say it loudly video with English subtitles. After spending considerable time, I have finally managed to get this video/song translated to English and translation added as caption and subtitles to the video. Please spread it everywhere and post to friends.

Striking video showing Egyptian Policeman attacking demonstrators with a large Wooden bat

This striking video shows an Egyptian Police officer hitting peaceful demonstrators so fiercely with a big wooden stick as if they are solid objects not human beings. The officer did that in front of tens of people, but he was never questioned (let alone tried in court) about his brutal physical offence. One of the [...]

New video showing how Khaled’s story started and how it is developing

New video from the “My name is Khaled Said” facebook page (Arabic) showing how Khaled’s story started and how it is developing:

Khaled Vendetta – Let’s meet on Friday 23rd July.

Khaled Vendetta .. A new video to encourage Egyptians and human rights activists worldwide to join in with the free Egyptian youth who will stand in silent, dressed in black on the 23/07 at 6:30 pm Cairo local time. The stand is to mark the anniversary of the 1952 Egyptian Army revolution against the King of [...]

Khaled Said murder witness accounts (Arabic Videos)

Khaled Said Murder (torture to death) Eye Witness Accounts: