To get around Egypt’s draconian emergency law that has been ruling Egypt for 3o years and which bans mass public assemblies, we have come up with a solution.  Thousands of Egyptians stood in long chains along Egypt’s seafronts in several cities spaced five metres apart. All Egyptians stood silently or read their Qur’ans or Bibles. This way, we expected, we will not be breaking the emergency law that bans assemblies (of 5 people or more!), bans demonstrations, slogans, etc, etc. We will just stand silent upset wearing black clothes. Black because we are sad for what happened to our country, and to what is happening daily to our people.

Despite all of that, Egyptian police forced silent standing participants to leave their places and in some cases, attacked them and punched/kicked some of them (including female participants).

Yet, we will not stop until violence against us stops.. for ever.. We have done three silent stands so far. The first stand had few hundred people in 2 cities, the second one was few thousand people in more than 6 places and on Friday 9th July, the third silent stand against torture and inhuman treatment of Egyptians by Egyptian police attracked thousands of Egyptians and human rights activists in more than 9 cities in Egypt as well as several other cities abroad including London(UK), Marcilia (France), USA and Thailand.

Thousands of Egyptians are expected to stand still silently reading Quran or Bibles in tens of cities all across Egypt on Friday.

We will keep you updated… Watch this space and follow us on twitter: #khaledsaid.


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