The demands for Friday 9 September protest are:

* Permanent End of military trials of civilians
* A clear timeline with exact dates of when the military council will hand over power to an ELECTED CIVIL authority (the initially promised 6 months have now finished).
* Cancelling the new law issued by military council that prohibits sit-ins and strikes.
* Change the new elections law that helps the same old corrupt businessmen win the elections.
* Ensure the Egyptian police focus on ending crime and criminality rather than attacking law abiding citizens.
* Implement the minimum pay for public sector workers and maximum salaries for senior officials.
* Implement Egyptian laws that will ensure the corrupt heads and symbols of Mubarak’s ruling national party, and who have been proved to have rigged Egyptian elections for years, can no longer stand elections again.

Egyptians will protest on Friday 9 September to ensure their revolution is on the right path.

Demands in Arabic: