Fares Barakat is a simple Egyptian who went to a friend’s party to celebrate his friend’s newly born baby (Aqeeqa gathering). Fares’s friend is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group and the savage national security forces (a special police force) decided to pay his friend a visit to his house during this party. Fares asked for a search warrant from the police officer, the response he got was that police officers literally threw him from the fourth floor balcony of the building!

At the hospital, Fares was taken to the intensive care unit as he was in a critical condition. The police force then decided to handcuff Fares to his intensive care unit bed! Few hours later, another police force came and forced all doctors and Fares’s family out of the ICU. About an hour later, the police force went out with documents signed by Fares admitting committing a few crimes! When Fares’s lawyers went through the documents they found clear proofs of forgery and fabrication in the documents and the content.

Just another story of another victim in Egypt.

Source (Arabic): http://www.alnadeem.org/ar/node/109