The Fourth Silent Stand will be held in Egypt, with focus on Alexandria and attended worldwide on Friday the 23rd July. 23 July is the anniversary of the non-violent Egyptian white Revolution that took place in 1952 when the Egyptian army toppled the King of Egypt without a single drop of blood spilt.

Many Egyptians hope that a silent non-violent change similar to what happened in 1952 will happen to Egypt on this day again. The organisers of this stand are calling it: The black silent revolution.. Dressed in Black full of sadness and grief over the torture victims and the whole situation in Egypt. Silent, because of the current 30 year running emergency and martial law that Egyptians are living in denies Egyptians the right to demonstrate, express their opinion or even gather in any shape or form.

Please support us on this day…

In Solidarity.

The “We are all Khaled Said” team