Press Release: Despite the Egyptian police measures, the 3rd silence demonstration against torture in Egyptian police station is marked with success 

Hundreds of Egyptians stand up in silence and dressed in black in the 3rd silent stand in protest against the torture systematically taking place by Egypt’s police forces against Egyptian civilians. The participants stood up dressed in black in 14 governorates where more than 70% of the country populations live. The demonstration took place almost all across the country.

The stand-up in black movement is mainly called for and organized by youth Egyptian civil rights activists through using social networking sites, i.e. Facebook and Tweeters to reach out to the Populations. Meanwhile, the police forces have taken tough measures to prevent this demonstration after the success of the 2nd demonstration that took place 2nd of July.

The standing up against torture movement was ignited with the latest brutal murder of a 28 years old young man by the police forces in Alexandria, Egypt in Early June 2010. Many groups on Social networking site “Facebook” was established to show the current regime in Egypt that such action is not accepted nor longer tolerated by the Egyptian people. One of these leading facebook links is We Are all Khalid Saeed with more than 185 thousands members.

In order to secure failure of the third standing-up in silence demonstration, the Egyptian police forces has taken tough measures ranging from blocking entire roads and walk ways especially along side the Nile banks in Cairo and major cities as well as along side Alexandria’s Cornish. Also, deploying thousands policemen across the major streets and roads to prevent any possible activities supporting the demonstration. Despite such tough measures, Egyptian youth has managed to find their ways to the demonstration location and held their silence prayer and stood up in black in an act of rejection of the current regime human rights record.

During the demonstration several human rights abuses took place against the peaceful participants who where just standing-up in silence. Several human rights abuses were also targeting the local and international press that covered the demonstration.

In synchronization with this demonstration, more than 100 Egyptians living in the UK has joined the forces and conducted similar demonstration in London City Center, while other Egyptians living in USA has arranged their demonstration to take place in front of the Egyptian Embassy requesting the current regime in Egypt to stop human rights violation, declare suspension of Marshal Law implementation in the country and have a transparent trial for the suspects accused by brutally murdering Saeed.