The third silent stand was a success despite all the obstacles and the harassment of the Egyptian Police to prevent silent participants from just standing quiet and sad in the streets.

The silent stand has taken place in several cities all over Egypt and worldwide including: Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Ismailia, Tanta, Portsaid, Damanhoor as well as London, UK. There were several smaller stands elsewhere by small groups of Egyptians in the USA, France, Germany, Thailand and more.

The silent stand has become an angry protest in Cairo after participants were banned from reaching any of the major Cairo squares.

We will leave now with some photos and videos of the 9th July silent stand:

Portsaid (video):

London, United Kingdom (Marble Arch):

Asiut Silent Stand (video):

Cairo Walk (after Police stopped them from standing – video):

Cairo Silent Stand (before the police forces them to leave – Photo):

Alexandria Silent Stand (video):

Alexandria Photo:

AlSharqia stand (video):

AlMansoura photo:

AlIsmailia photo: