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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

Entries for July, 2010

One message in many languages campaign: paragraph explaining our cause in every language in the world.

One message in many languages campaign Members of the English Facebook page (We are all Khaled Said) have started a new ambitious campaign. We have written one paragraph in English that summarizes and explains our just and peaceful cause and our aims and objectives. We are now translating it to every language in the world we can translate [...]

Striking video showing Egyptian Policeman attacking demonstrators with a large Wooden bat

This striking video shows an Egyptian Police officer hitting peaceful demonstrators so fiercely with a big wooden stick as if they are solid objects not human beings. The officer did that in front of tens of people, but he was never questioned (let alone tried in court) about his brutal physical offence. One of the [...]

Egypt: Striking a Blow Against Impunity?

Amnesty International writing about Human rights oppression and impunity in Egypt: The article focuses on Khaled Said’s brutal killing and how the two officers who killed Khaled are NOT charged with murder, they are only charged with “using force during arrest” and “illegal arrest”! Impunity is one of the great building blocks of the state [...]

Al Nadeem center: Opinion of two international autopsy and forensic science experts say that the autopsy reports of Khaled Said’s body which was produced by the Egyptian government’s autopsy agency: Did NOT comply with the minimum international standards for forensic autopsies

This is an international scandal for those who participated in covering up Khaled Said’s murder: Assessment issued by Duarte Nuno Vieira, Chief Forensic Pathologist, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Head of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Portugal (see attached CV) and Jørgen L.Thomsen, ChiefForensic Pathologist, Professor of Forensic Medicine, Head of [...]

Egyptian Police beating up a peaceful protester – Egypt’s emergency law in action

 This image is not from Palestine. This image is from Egypt. What on earth can anyone do to deserve this treatment? Even if he was a serial killer he doesn’t deserve that treatment let alone a law abiding citizen participating in a peaceful demonstration like in this case.  

Egyptian Police attacked and brutally beaten up Menoufia University students

Egyptian Police attacked and brutally beaten up Menoufia University students (both male and female) after the University Islamic society organised an Art party which the Egyptian Police did not want to take place. Many students were beaten and injured and 11 students were brutally arrested and later on tortured in the P…olice station. This has [...]

New English Facebook page for our English language campaign

To provide a way for our International friends to support us and interact with us we have decided to start a new facebook page in English “We are all Khaled Said”. The new page aims at providing means of social interaction between us and our campaign supporters. Please support us by joining our page on [...]

Press Release: “We are all Khaled Said” facebook page calls for a silent stand in solidarity with torture victims in Egypt

PRESS RELEASE: The “We are all Khaled Said” Facebook group calls for a Silent Stand on Friday the 23rd July on the anniversary of the July 1952 revolution in solidarity with all torture victims in Egypt.

New video showing how Khaled’s story started and how it is developing

New video from the “My name is Khaled Said” facebook page (Arabic) showing how Khaled’s story started and how it is developing:

Death and torture threats to members of our team

Our team members have received death threats and torture threats from people saying they are members of the Egyptian Police forces. We believe there are many good Policemen in Egypt but we believe that if those good ones do not stop the torture and inhuman treatment by the others, the situation will only get worse. We [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Witness in Khaled Said case “Tamer Elsayed Abdul Moneim” was beaten yesterday by two unknown people after testifying

BREAKING NEWS: Witness in Khaled Said case “Tamer Elsayed Abdul Moneim” was beaten yesterday by two unknown people after testifying that he has seen the Policeman Ahmed Othman in the crime scene. Tamer is being hospitalised since yesterday.

Khaled Vendetta – Let’s meet on Friday 23rd July.

Khaled Vendetta .. A new video to encourage Egyptians and human rights activists worldwide to join in with the free Egyptian youth who will stand in silent, dressed in black on the 23/07 at 6:30 pm Cairo local time. The stand is to mark the anniversary of the 1952 Egyptian Army revolution against the King of [...]

New York Times: Death in Police Encounter Stirs Calls for Change in Egypt

Today’s coverage in the New York Times on Khaled Said’s death and the movement for change that resulted from it. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/19/world/middleeast/19abuse.html?_r=2&ref=world ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — The two undercover police officers seemed unfazed by the bystanders, who watched as the officers beat a 28-year-old man in the lobby of a building here last month, one witness [...]

Fourth Silent Stand will be on 23rd July – The anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution 1952

The Fourth Silent Stand will be held in Egypt, with focus on Alexandria and attended worldwide on Friday the 23rd July. 23 July is the anniversary of the non-violent Egyptian white Revolution that took place in 1952 when the Egyptian army toppled the King of Egypt without a single drop of blood spilt. Many Egyptians [...]

Egyptian police ‘tortured to death’ 12 people in 2009

Among widespread and continuing human rights abuses throughout Egypt in 2009, 12 people were tortured to death by police, according to the annual report of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR). EQHR documented 63 cases of torture in detention in the same year. And this is not exhaustive; we include only confirmed cases where there’s [...]