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Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

The story of “We are all Khaled Said” English Facebook Page (1 of ..?)

I have a lot to tell about my story: a small story in the great event of the Egyptian revolution. How I started this website/blog and how I created the English page “We are all Khaled Said” working closely with Wael Ghonim who created the Arabic Page. How I focused on international awareness while he focused on internal activitism. I have a lot to talk about, chats and email discussions I had with Wael and many other activists, arranging protests worldwide in support of Egypt, silent stands, 25 Jan preparation, etc. There are many memories to share with anyone interested to know what was happening behind the scenes but I don’t think I am ready to do this now. Mainly becuase the revolution is still happening and yesterday was the anniversary and we are not there yet. I want to tell the story when the story finishes not while it is happening. May be I will tell the story when I decide to close the facebook page and delete this website, may be before then. Not sure yet.

For now, I will start posting on this blog/website smaller parts of my story not the full one. This first post though, is written by one of my English Facebook page “We are all Khaled Said” members/fans. I wanted to publish his post on this website/blog so that it is preserved for history as I don’t know the policy of the website currently hosting it and whether they delete old posts, etc.

The following article is taken without changes from an article written on the website:  Daily Kos (www.dailykos.com) and written by an unknown writer calling himself: “frenchman” and who is a member/fan of my facebook page. Link to the original article is here:


I have tried to contact the writer to discuss his excellent account and ask his permission for publishing it with all credit to him, but I was unable to. If you ever manage to get hold of him, please get me in touch with him using the contact page.

All rights reserved to the above mentioned website and writer and I have no ownership of the following article in anyway.

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Egyptians living abroad can now register online to vote

Egyptians living abroad can now go the Egyptian Elections Committee website to register online their interest to vote outside Egypt. Voting will be normally carried out at the Egyptian embassy in your country of residence.

Registeration is easy. All you need to do is to:

1) Go to the Egyptian Elections Committee website at: http://www.elections2011.eg

2) Click on the “Egyptians Voting Abroad” section in the middle left part of the page.

3) Enter your National ID number and click the “check” button.

4) Fill in your details and submit your application.

You should now be registered to vote abroad outside Egypt in the Egyptian embassy at your country of residence.


Demands for Egyptians Friday 9 September 2011 protest

The demands for Friday 9 September protest are:

* Permanent End of military trials of civilians
* A clear timeline with exact dates of when the military council will hand over power to an ELECTED CIVIL authority (the initially promised 6 months have now finished).
* Cancelling the new law issued by military council that prohibits sit-ins and strikes.
* Change the new elections law that helps the same old corrupt businessmen win the elections.
* Ensure the Egyptian police focus on ending crime and criminality rather than attacking law abiding citizens.
* Implement the minimum pay for public sector workers and maximum salaries for senior officials.
* Implement Egyptian laws that will ensure the corrupt heads and symbols of Mubarak’s ruling national party, and who have been proved to have rigged Egyptian elections for years, can no longer stand elections again.

Egyptians will protest on Friday 9 September to ensure their revolution is on the right path.

Demands in Arabic:

Egyptian (SuperMan) Protester climbs a two story high lamp post to raise Egyptian flag during Egypt protests 8 July 2011

An Egyptian Superman/Protester climbs a two story high lamp post during Egypt protests 8 July 2011.

Photo by Shorouk News

and here is a video of the man climbing the lamp post to raise the Egyptian Flag:

8 July Protests in Tahrir square and other Egyptian cities on Revolution First Friday

Today is “Revolution First” Friday. Egyptians have poured into Tahrir square from all parts of Cairo and other cities. There are plans of sit-ins in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and possibly Asuit as well. Protesters say they won’t leave until justice is delivered. Until Mubarak & the rest of the killers are being prosecuted quickly and properly for their murders and political corruption. Protesters want a full overhaul of the ministry of interior and demand complete cleansing of Mubarak’s system including removal of all top officials who support Mubarak and will not accept any more some slow trial.

Once again: new Khaled Said in Alexandria. Elsayed Belal was tortured to death by Egyptian police.

Elsayed Belal wasn’t a criminal and he was never convicted of any crime. He was arrested under Egypt’s 30 years running emergency law without charge. He was tortured to death. He was arrested from his house in front of his family by the notorious Egyptian national security forces (Amn AlDawla). One and half day later, his family received a call to tell them their son is dead. Two policemen threw his body next to a hospital. He died at the front door steps of the hospital. Just like how Khaled Said died at the front door steps of his home.  

Elsayed’s body shows clear signs of brutal torture. His private parts shows signs of torture. Wounds and marks are all over his body including his abdomen. Egypt’s police killed him while torturing him trying to get him to admit to crimes he knew nothing about it. When will this end? When is the day when those Egyptian police officers who commit these crimes are tried for their crimes? When will justice prevail?   

Elsayed after his death yesterday - 06/01/2011

Elsayed after his death yesterday - 06/01/2011


Elsayed Belal with his son few days ago

Elsayed Belal with his son few days ago


And finally: Video of Elsayed’s tortured body:

A New Khaled Said in Alexandria again: Mostafa Atteya a 39 years old father of three has been kicked to death and dragged across the street by two Egyptian policemen

A New Khaled Said in Alexandria again: Mostafa Atteya is a 39 years old father of three has been kicked to death by two Policemen in the street in Alexandria. Mostafa was kicked and dragged in the street for long distance by 2 Egyptian policemen from  Mina Albasal police station and witnesses who saw the murder and torture have been arrested to force them to testify that he died of a heart attack and has not been killed. The policemen killed him while trying to arrest him because they thought he has defaulted on a loan to a bank while he has actually settled his finances with the bank a while back! Not that he deserved to be killed even if he didn’t!

This is what happens when the president’s ruling party controls almost 100% of the Egyptian Parliament under the 30 years running emergency law.

Arabic Facebook page has now re-opened

Arabic Facebook page is now back. Thanks for everyone who contacted Facebook to support us to get our page back.

Arabic Facebook pages closed

The Arabic “We are all Khaled Said” and “My name is Khaled Said” facebook pages have both been closed. The elections monitoring Facebook page and ElBradei supporters page have also been closed.

Our English Facebook page: “We are all Khaled Said” is still running and so far we don’t have any problems.

PLEASE subscribe to our newsletter on the right handside on this page to make sure we stay in touch in case our English Facebook page gets disabled as well.

Very soon we will be looking at different means to get all Egyptian activists who want to stand up peacefully for their human rights together on a different platform to Facebook.

Egyptian Police drag, kick and punch university lecturer for attending Khaled Said’s stand at the court

Mohammed Tariq is a respected young lecturer at the School of Science, Alexandria University. Mohammed went to the stand outside Khaled Said’s court case yesterday. The Egyptian police dragged him on the floor, punched him, kicked him and took him to the police car banging his face across the floor. They then handcuffed him, tied up his legs, stole his money, mobile and took his shoes. They drove the police car to half way through the Cairo-Alexandria desert highway and left him there in the middle of the highway. This is the democracy of the Egyptian government. These are the actions of the Egyptian police who are supposed to be protecting us not attacking us for standing up for our rights.

British Policeman jailed for 6 months for throwing a woman into a police cell. How many years Egyptian Policemen who torture civilians to death should get? Let’s start with trying them at least.


“Wiltshire policeman jailed for cell attack on woman. A police officer has been jailed for six months after he was caught on CCTV throwing a woman into a cell, badly injuring her.

The footage also shows Sgt Mark Andrews dragging Pamela Somerville, 59, through Melksham police station in Wiltshire. Andrews, 37, was convicted of causing her actual bodily harm. He has been suspended from duty and will face a police misconduct hearing.”

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-11214026

The question is: How many years should Egyptian policemen get for torturing to death Egyptian civilians in police stations and in the street? How many years should those who killed Khaled Said get?  How about the thousands other Egyptians who were killed or tortured in Egyptian police custody? Let’s just start with trying them at least, which rarely happens!

This has to end. Justice has to prevail.

Video from in front of Khaled Said’s home during the last silent stand on 20 August (10 Ramadhan)

Egyptians are standing up for their rights. Brave Egyptians both men and women are standing up to gain their rights, to stop torture in Egypt and end the 30 years running emergency law that gave impunity to Egyptian Police officers who commit torture crimes. Systematic Egyptian Police brutality will have to end soon.

Breaking News: Egyptian police attack silent stand participants who gathered at Khaled Said street.

Breaking news: Another scandal! Egyptian Police attack silent stand participants who went to Khaled Said’s street. Hundreds of participants are being cornered and beaten up by the Egyptian police now in the small street were Khaled Said lived.

Police attacked and injured participants in the fifth silent stand on 20 August (10 Ramadan) who gathered at Khaled Said’s street as agreed with Khaled’s family.

When will this stop???

The Silent Stand has started in Egypt in more than 9 different cities

The silent stand has started in Egypt. Please join us and send us your photos. email your photos to: alshaheeed@gmail.com or upload on the fan page. We will update you soon on the silent stand in Alexandria and Cairo.

Next Silent Stand Friday 20 August from wherever you are

Friday 20th August is the time for our next silent stand. A stand against torture in Egypt and against the 30 years running emergency law.

We call on all our international supporters to join us by standing silent in their home or in any public place in their town.

Please send us photos of you standing silent dressed in black wherever you are. Please carry a sign with few words of support, a photo of Khaled or anything you like.

You are all invited to participate and please remember that your support does make a big difference. We are looking forward for your photos after tomorrow’s silent stand.

Please email your photos to: alshaheeed@gmail.com or upload them on the fan photos section.

The event details can be seen on our International Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=148075095212199

Are you joining us?